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Rector Search

Thank you for your interest in our Rector Search Process at Anglican Church of the Redeemer. If you are interested in applying for this position or would like to make a candidate referral, please contact John Kuehnel at cptvdeo1@gmail.com.

We are working to find priests who will prayerfully go through the discernment process with us. How does your previous ministry line up with the mission of our local church? How do our challenges and gifts intersect with your passions, abilities, and vocational calling? How might the Holy Spirit guide us together into knowing and living out the work he has for us to do?

To facilitate this process, we are asking candidates to review our simple Parish Profile and Rector Profile. The document links are below. If you are interested in taking a next step, please send us your resume, a letter of introduction, confidential non-binding compensation requirements, and your answers to the questions in the previous paragraph. We will notify you of receipt and will review your submittal materials as soon as we are able. Our goal is to respond in two weeks. If at any point we decide to remove your name from our process, we will inform you immediately.

If we believe we should keep your name in our process, we would schedule phone interviews, possibly followed by an in-person visit to our church and community. Our Bishop will also be involved and must consent to any prospective nominee.

If you have any questions, please contact me via email at cptvdeo1@gmail.com. I will try to reply within 48 hours. We will be in prayer for each of the candidates and will maintain communication with you throughout the process of application.


Rector Profile

Parish Profile


John W. Kuehnel
Chair, Rector Search Committee
Anglican Church of the Redeemer
Email:  cptvdeo1@gmail.com

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