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Brainerd, East Ridge and Beyond

As a local church, and a church that stands in the Anglican tradition, we want to be good neighbors. To this end we want to be actively involved in the community and have an interest in the welfare of the people, businesses and surroundings of our neighborhood. We do this in various ways. For example, every week we highlight a local business, activity, or civic institution in our weekly congregational announcements to help foster support of the Brainerd area. When there is a MidTown event we also let our congregation know through our Facebook page.

We are also a part of the MidTown chamber of commerce. “Why would a church join a chamber of commerce?” you might ask. Well, being part of our community means being involved in all aspects of its life. While not a traditional chamber business member, hopefully we can be a resource to the chamber, its members and the wider community.

We are also willing to consider partnering with organizations, businesses and civic institutions towards the betterment of the larger Brainerd area, East Ridge and beyond. If you have an idea, or simply want to talk about what members of our congregation are involved in, why not drop us a line.

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